Every year, on the 10th of July, the mayor of Dubrovnik hands over the ‘keys to the Town’ to the actors, after which an actor dressed as the Duke of the Dubrovnik Republic shouts out ‘Let them in’. This is the announcement of many a famous artist who, by coming here, contribute to the preservation of the harmonious traditions and artistic heaven for all senses. In this luxurious period of the Summer Festival, we enjoy the masterpieces of dramas, comedies, philharmonics, quires, folklore associations, and ballets from all over the world.

Marin Držić and William Shakespeare are mainstays of the drama program which have made their mark on the Dubrovnik Summer Festival from its very beginning. The great Shakespeare said that the whole world was a stage, and the unique example of that is surely Dubrovnik, which becomes an open theatre encompassed by strong town Walls, bathed in waves, and illuminated by a starry sky above.

The first festival was held in 1950 and remains on a high global level ever since then.
The scene locations are the magical town areas; the Gradac park, in the forests of which enchanted fairies and satyrs live, the Lovrjenac fortress which breaths in new life into the spirit of Hamlet year after year, but also the atrium of the Sponza palace and the Duke Palace, creating a magical harmony of sound and rock, the Revelin fortress on the top of which Linđo is spun and where quire voices resound, as well as many other spectacular spots. Not even the difficult days of the Homeland War could ruin the tradition of harmonious art. Thus, this year as well, a banner will weave in the hand of Orlando with the encryption ‘Libertas’, reminding of the days past, and inviting the future in.