Dubrovnik is a historical town in the extreme south of Croatia, today with around 50.000 inhabitants. Close to Elaphiti islands, Montenegro, and Bosnia and Herzegovina, Dubrovnik is perfectly located for all types of adventurers looking for further exploration of the south-east Balkan region. Many visitors often use Dubrovnik as their base to explore the region by half-day or one-day excursions.

Typical Mediterranean climate is very pleasant, with mild winters and not too humid summer periods reflecting the attributes of the seasons.

Dubrovnik is a world-famous place not only for its rich history, cultural heritage, and diplomacy but also for its magic beauty, which helped Dubrovnik to build the status of one of the most popular luxurious Mediterranean destinations. Every year Dubrovnik is visited by hundreds of thousands of tourists, among which you can quite often recognize some of the most famous international celebrities.